Social media is part of modern daily life, but it actually has a lot of history. With the help of cell phones, tablets, computers, and the internet, you can connect with your family, friends, billions of people on social media, using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


20th Century and the  Social Media History

Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott first mentioned Usenet in 1979. Used posting news and post articles to newsgroups.

Bulletin board systems

Bulletin board systems are the first forms of social media in the late 1970s. This is like personal computers and is accessible to one person at a time. BBS was the first website that allows users to log in and connect. It remained famous until the 1990s.

Instant messaging

Internet Relay Chat was introduced in 1988. It comes from BBS sources.  ICQ was the first program to send instant messaging for PCs.

Social media

Six Degree is a social media platform launched in 1997. It ran until 2001 when millions of people use it. It became Stout down in 2001.

Social media advantages in 2000

Friendster  first social network was launched in 2002

This is a very useful social network. when millions of people use it. they take a break in 2015 to improve their services.

Linked in

Linked in a social platform, it is the world’s largest professional network, helping people to find and share opportunities every day. linked is stated in 2002.

When you can create your professional profile which helps both you and job recruiters . to managing your carrier.

Establish an authoritative resource on experiences and abilities. people to find you when they search the internet.

You can join in same interested groups.

You will create a group of same category professionals.

Receiving emails.

Large network of lots of opportunities.


Facebook is a social networking platform that produces it simple for you to attach and share information individuals, one person among many people, originally designed for college faculty-student, Facebook was frame by Mark Zuckerberg enlisted at Harvard University in 2004. By 2006 anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address nowadays email address yet as phone number, these days Facebook is word’s largest social media platform with more than 1 billion users in word

why use Facebook?

Facebook uncommonly is that the ability to attach and share the picture, video, concepts with the people you can same time connect a group of people


YouTube is a video-sharing platform, that allows users to watch videos posted by other users and transfer videos of their own. It was the first time created by chad Hurley, Steve Chen, jawed Karim in 2005. and was taken by Google in 2006.

  •  transfer daily videos
  • produce good Luke and clear tumble
  • create aid tags
  • create your own content

1000 subscriber YouTube Chanel is monetization to be done


this  through its website interface or its mobile device, laptop, computers, currently day this app with over 100 million registrations

this is a social media platform,  registered users will post, like, messages, re-tweet, commands, one  person to several person access,

how does a lot of  follower on this account twit person you follow them

2.trending topics you twit


Instagram is a mobile app and it is a social media platform that emphasizes photo and video sharing on one platform. this was created by Kevinsystrom and Mike Krieger in April 2012

All types of users around the world use Instagram, many companies are following these accounts to increase their popularity


this app is a messaging app that allows you to send free voice, text messages, face-to-face video, and even video. this app was created in 2009.

WhatsApp is doing business marketing and improving their business so that they can increase their profit. There are some uses for WhatsApp.


Gmail is a web-based Gmail service, Gmail was founded in 2004

Today they are advertising with Gmail and taking their business forward.

There are a billion uses for Gmails today

Snap chat

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows you to share and save photos and videos with Snapchat. It started in 2011, This will benefit a lot of people.


Google + A Social Network started in 2011, google+ challenges other social networks like youtube, google drive, blogger. google+ using the very easy platform


this is a social website, there are many benefits to Pinterest. this is started in 2010.

Images and videos on Pinterest can be pinned with our interest and ideas can be improved.

We can improve our ideas by following followers on Pinterest, increasing following, and sharing images and videos. millions of people use it, improving they are ideas

















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