Social media jobs from Home

some people think data entry work from home. many works are available, There are different types of social media jobs from home they are.

social media jobs

First, you need to know a few things about what it means to be at home and make money.

  1.   You must have one laptop or computer.
  2. Must have an internet connection, or even use a hotspot on your mobile.
  3. Must be able to write and read English.
  4. Computer use should come. Eg: Using the Internet, typing, downloading photos and videos.
  5. you decide which type of work you like other ways you lose time and money
  6. Do not believe if someone asks you to tie up money and join a job in advance, there will be many ways.
  7. For agility in your work, you need to set aside some time with yourself. which topic know and like.
  8. you must have one person they help all time you
  9. Have faith and patience in your work. Do not be fooled by how money comes in immediately



Article Writing


Online tutorials

Video editing

Social Media Management

Online Influencer

Online store

Affiliate Marketing


Blogging is the act of telling strangers what you know through a website online. E.g: Blogging is what I am now sharing information with you through this article.

Money comes through blogging, you can make money by having more people come to your website and see the information. you will approval from Google Ad-sense. ofter ads will show on your website, and Google will send money to your account. You do have to pay for this process.

How much money you get per month means that your earnings will depend on the number of people who visit your website, the more times you open your website if you have useful information in it, the more money Google ads will get. you can earn some money depending on your work.


Create one youtube channel

1)youtube monetization

A creator creates there’s is own content in videos, uploads on YouTube, YouTube Chanel  1000 follower 4000 watch time after you apply monetization after Chanel will be monetized.

2)  Youtube membership,

start youtube Chanel  make 1000 subscribers and apply google Adsense

3) super chat on youtube

Make money through super chat. The gaming channel is making super chat and making money from it

4) donation on youtube

organization can run with making money through youtube organization

5)Affiliate marketing

People who have a lot of followers become a sponsor of bands and earn money by advocating for those bands in front of followers, Like this affiliate product.

6) Business promotion

If you have a business (or) Others can promote their business on youtube and make money

7) Social media influencer

20K (or) 30K views a day on YouTube, you can make money by promoting any band  Social Media Influencer. Supporting a band weekly by earning a minimum of Rs 5,000 on Social Media Influencer can earn you Rs 20,000 per month. It does not require monetization.

8) merchandise on youtube

Merchandise approval ofter you can sell a product by giving a link, you will make money through ofter merchandised, make mone this is one way.

9) google Adsense for a website

Make money by creating a website and  YouTube channel and running ads on it.

10) unboxing free products

Buy any product, we can explain about the product.

Contact us for product sales and promote the product through us, This is how we can promote the product and make money.

11) referral programs on youtube

We can make money by referring to apps, like the hello app, Roz Dhan app.

Article writing

If you have writing skills, you can make money by writing information about any event.

some type of jobs available.


You can earn money by working as a Freelancer using one or many talents you have. There are many ways why.

Online tutorial

Earn money by telling classes online. many online classes are running these days.

Video editing

Make money by editing videos.  many people video editors are available.

online store

Products can be made at home and sold through an online website.

Affiliate Marketing

A company like  Amazon can make money by selling products. There are many affiliate marketing companies.

Social Media Management

You can make money using social media like Facebook. Present there are many social media platforms.

Online Influencer

Make money through social networks like Twitter, Instagram. Online Influencer is on the rise these days.


social media users are increasing today,

they are making money. this type of social media jobs is very useful.

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