social media and tips & tricks mean Social media is a web-based tool platform that helps us to share ideas, information, one person among the many communications because of its user-friendly features, social media is one among the most important parts gift in life. User-generated content creates,

such us text post, comments, photo, videos, information generation, social media quite well-liked of late, a person can access social media through a computer, tablet,   good  phone, laptops …etc

                                    SOCIAL MEDIA AND TIPS & TRICKS

People will connect with anyone within the world anyplace. Nowadays, social media could be a Lean, share concepts, earn cash platform, awareness and knowledge . a number of the foremost well-liked social media websites,

like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube…..etc. with over 1000 million plays a very important role in education, economy, marketing, politics yes as in social life it impacts the youth


social media has many varieties types



Facebook is a social networking platform that produces it simple for you to attach and share information with individuals.

one person among many people, originally designed for college faculty-student,

Facebook was frame by Mark Zuckerberg enlisted at Harvard University in 2004.

that time 2006 anyone access age of 13 with an email address,

nowadays email address and phone number,

now Facebook is the world’s big social media network with 1 billion users in word.

why use Facebook?

Facebook uncommonly is that the ability to attach and share,

the picture, video, concepts with the people you can same time connect a group of people

Facebook page monetization 2021

1.create own content

2.Facebook page on 10,000 follower

3.600000 watch time on Videos



YouTube is a video sharing platform, that allows users to watch videos posted by other users and transfer videos of their own.

It was the first time created by chad Hurley, Steve Chen, jawed Karim in 2005. and was gotten by google in 2006.

we keep multiple high tips and tricks for you to use your personal YouTube account credentials.

  •  transfer daily videos
  • produce good Luke clear tumble
  • create aid tags
  • create your own content

1000 subscriber YouTube Chanel is monetization to be done 4000 watch time


It is a mobile app and is a social media platform that emphasizes photo and video sharing on one platform.  created by Kevinsystrom and Mike Krieger in April 2012.

today user using   Instagram.  companies are using Instagram accounts.

we keep multiple top tips and tricks for you to use your personal

Instagram account credentials.

  • It is mandatory to add a hashtag if you post more people in the electromagnetic Instagram value, hash attachment tag is the clickable world,
  • below photo description, it is useful to make sure that there are such                                          common hash flags tags under every posting you make on Instagram,
  • example: #instagood
  • If you are promoting content to your be log or shopping portal headlines in the Instagram, magazine, you should be very close to the AD video or photo topic blogs, you can’t reach targeted views mapping by posting off-topic image puzzles.
  • Instagram algorithm working on a real-time basis and your posting regular.
  • you will have to choose targeted accounts if you are promoting content to your blog or shopping portal ad-sense in the Instagram most followers will be able to receive discoveries like
  • example: teamfollowback
  • the feature is very popular in Instagram, this and face adjustment book account,
  • this feature use get likes for your posting titles by using other people’s posting title.
  • if you want to use your Instagram account mapping for a photo editing option
  • simply keep the phone icon in the aeroplane mode trigger and edit photos with the Instagram filters, showing the network work error, they will save in the phone gallery.





Twitter is a social media platform,  registered users will post, like, messages, re-tweet, commands, one person to several person access, through its website interface or its mobile device, laptop, computers, currently day this accounts for over 100 million registrations

how to more followers on  account twitter twit person you follow them
2.trending topics you twit

social media has advantages and disadvantages


It is a good platform for education, it helps many students

one person among many person communications at a time

people can buy and sell online, it has great economic benefits and developing much business

nowadays, people are searching for jobs opportunities and business, sopping, education, new way’s agriculture developing,

cooking ideas, homemade things, daily news, through the social media platform.

nowadays, this platform is earning money

it will access anyplace with an internet

you have a right away reference to individuals

Your drive traffic to your website, YouTube, Facebook…

part of social media networks at no cost



you can receive negative feedback





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