social media and politics in India

social media play a role in politics, election time social media provides information and analysis with all political parties, it is political parties performances. The election campaign is an integral part of India being a democratic country and political parties are choosing different paths for their campaign, social media and politics in India.

social media and politics in India

Social media has leaders have used to communicate, changing the political game, allowing current and newcomers to talk about parties directly with voters. Indian politicians are using social media like Facebook and Twitter to interact with people and find out their views.

social media in elections

Current political news can be accessed by people at a low cost using social media platforms. Anyone with a smartphone with an internet connection can easily find information. It is a well-known fact that based on elections around the world, social media can help in politics and many politicians are using social media.

Apart from posters and banners, social media campaigns, advertisements, blog posts and tweets Instagram posts and Facebook posts are very useful in reaching out to voters in a political campaign. Politicians campaign on social media and interact with people.

Some people make fake news or fakes on politics with the help of social media like deliberate misinformation or misinformation and voter deception.

These stories are done with the help of social media to influence the voter, to advance the political agenda or to confuse it.

People confuse what we read, hear, or see with the news.

Social media plays a more important role in influencing political campaign election results.

Uses of Social Media in Election Campaign:

Getting details on social media about the election Agenda is very easy.

Can communicate with voters.

Participate and communicate through social media.

Information will be available on social media in Minutes.

Disadvantages of Social Media in Election Campaign:

Reaching voters with the Internet is difficult.

Politicians are more likely to do social media misuse in People’s Election Time.

misinformation on social media and it is not good for election campaign

Politicians are more likely to increase violence on social media.

the wrong information quickly spread with social media.

Methods for political campaigns:

voters see vedioes on social media

Voters Informing young voters.

Do not open party information to voters

Conducting online discussions.

Post as many positive posts as possible

Schedule a day for social media posting with one point per day.

Social media was used to influence the election in countries

Social media isn’t just for photos and your uncle’s political memes anymore.

It’s increasingly a tool the government used to influence elections and subvert democracy, according to a new report by the democracy advocacy group Freedom House.

The report found that countries, including the United States, had their elections manipulated through social media.

The spread of bad information contributed to the decline of Internet freedom,  contributed to violent attacks on human-rights activists and journalists, according to the report.

Turkey, Venezuela, the Philippines,   spread government talking points and shut down critics within their borders.

some countries are trying to online discussions and rise the voices

countries  China and Russia, automated systems algorithms track this day

other countries

Looks like many countries have noticed. The EU is taking help to fight misinformation and has formed a group of experts to combat fake news.

the election is  Germany care to systems interfere did not election time.

Somalia a self-proclaimed republic in,

Somalia country dozens of sites blocking on social media, its upcoming elections.

Human Rights Watch says free and fair elections require social media –  Somalil sees fake news online.

Social media is not just for photos of cats and for political memes. According to a new report by

the Democratic group Freedom House, social media is one of the most widely used tools by governments to influence elections and suppress democracy.

including the United States, are aware of their elections through social media.

The report found that it had been tampered with through social media in the past year.

For the seventh year in a row, Internet freedom activists around

the world are launching violent attacks on human rights activists and journalists, the report said.

the U.S, Russian countries have interfered in elections

the Freedom House report found that it was not foreign powers trying to prevent the election.

Turkey, Venezuela  Countries are the Philippines have adopted the opinion of other countries,

like this some country closes their borders.

The number of countries trying to create online negotiations in

this increased every year  Freedom House in 2009.



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