There is a role of social media in education, Social media will be accustomed to increase data besides several alternative uses for the teacher. Social media can be used to increase the knowledge of teacher and student.

We found some role of social media Education

  •  Increase communication
  •  Job and Internship Opportunities
  • News and updates
  • social media marketing
  • increased student collaboration
  •  Share Information
  • participating in group work
  • promotes independent learning in students
  • encourage new teaching methods
  • Online learning and networking
  • experience global exposure
  • social media as a research tool
  • connecting with experts via social media
  • Access to information
  • improved literacy, communication,
  • students can build social credibility
  • Educational tool
  • Experience global exposure
1)Increase communication

Teacher Communication with Students Doubt Soloing is fast, A student learns any topic quickly, as they convey it to the teacher, family member, friends

social media may be helpful for learning

2) Job and Internship Opportunities

many students look for job and internship and them be a part of job and internship, this is often they learn, additionally with earning money, many students usefully.

3)News and updates

News and updates are available quick therefore the student will learn.  It is very useful for the student to learn to know the news and update of the day. This will help them to learn many specialities

4) social media marketing

social media marketing Due to this many students are learning books and online courses and higher education and better education.

Online classes have many benefits for the student, those who do not have money at home are learning online classes, learning many things like this. Even middle-class people like this are great achievers and stand as an ideal for many people.

5) increased student collaboration

Many students learn online because of the online class and also solve their doubts. As a lot of students come, their doubts increase and their information conjointly will increases, so a lot of things may be learned and study skills may also be improved.

6) Share Information

Social media is a good platform for share information. Many people  learn many things and share information and about many things not only one thing they are sharing useful information such as motivation, life change, their experiences, education, food information, participating in group work

7)participating in group work

Many people use social media to complete a task very quickly, thus dividing the work and completing the work in a hurry, which has many benefits. Once in doubt, the solution is made with the group member who came

8) promotes independent learning in students

Most students are learning a lot because of the online class. And social media is learning many things directly from the information on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

9) encourage new teaching methods

Many are anchoring new teaching on social media.

There are many types of teaching methods going on and there are many benefits to using them.

10) Online learning and networking

You can take classes from e-learning website and discuss your doubts using various social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

11) experience global exposure

They are the diverse culture, traditions, language, lifestyle, food, habits etc. that are present in the world today. Students can also take various courses at universities around the world.

12) social media as a research tool

Any student or teacher can learn quickly and easily using social media in education. Authorized research items can be obtained. You can research on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to find relevant content on any topic related to your education field. You can join Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, various educational groups

13) connecting with experts via social media

This is the best about social media, you will soon find out who are the experts in a particular field and topics.


so when you follow these experts you will learn more and get useful things from them.

This is a good opportunity to get help from experts on the topics you need help with.

14)Access to information

Students and teachers can join through online platforms related to their study, population, school or college environment.

You can join groups like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and others that do  include quality information when needed

15)improved literacy, communication

improved literacy, communication, and reading skills Students get bored with easy reading and writing.

However, social media provides plenty of online information that is highly motivated for students to read.

Provide an endless list of online messages, comments, news, articles, and ebooks to read. With this, the students take steps towards learning.

16) students can build social credibility

As social media interacts in education systems, social media is becoming the number one way to solve educational problems.

17)Educational tool

Social media can prove to be a useful educational tool for college learning students, today students come to the college with internet and social media knowledge.

18)Experience global exposure

The Internet has made available information on any topic that everyone can expect. Students will have the opportunity to interact with professors and students from around the world, increase knowledge, seek help, and watch their videos.

these points are the role of social media in education





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